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BoxyCharm Review

My BoxyCharm Review by Domina

Curious about getting a BoxyCharm subscription? Then check out my BoxyCharm Review where I share my full honest experience with BoxyCharm, whether or not it’s worth it, and how you can subscribe. Read on Beauty!

What is BoxyCharm?

BoxyCharm is one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes on the market with lots of loyal customers. They promise 4-5 full-size beauty products each month from a variety of both new trending and established brands, with a total retail value of over $125 in every box. The beauty items vary monthly, with a diverse range of high-quality beauty tools, make-up, skincare and hair care items at only $25 a month, for a great value in a compact, travel-savvy box.

Charmers can choose one item in their upcoming box, and BoxyCharm customizes the remaining items to align with your beauty preferences when you take their beauty quiz. Products include top beauty brands including: Milk Makeup, Fenty Beauty, BECCA, NYX, MAC, E.L.F., Too Faced, PÜR, Luxie, Stila, GlamGlow, Alamar Cosmetics, Dominique Cosmetics, Farsali, Dragun Beauty, Natasha Denona, Elemis, Milk, avant, Grown Alchemist, Juice Beauty, Cosmedix, Fenty Skin, Pureheals, Glamglow, Daily Concepts, Kate Somerville, Glow Recipe, Murad, Korres, Glo24K, Tony Moly, Skin Inc, Lavido, PUR, Farsali, Lovescript and SO MUCH MORE!

In terms of value, each box always contains products valued at a minimum of $125, or an even higher value.

The BoxyCharm Basics

  • $25 Monthly
  • Ships to US and Canada
  • Valued at $125+ per box

BoxyCharm is an innovative beauty service that delivers five full-size beauty items to your door. The diversity of the products allows you to BoxyCharm keeps your makeup routine fresh, while offering a unique selection of quality products renowned or rising beauty brands, so let’s you try out new brands and products and become more skincare savvy and learn more about good products.

BoxyCharm Comparison

BoxyCharm Comparison
Average value over $175*
Average value over $395*
Average value over $215*
Product Types
Beauty & Lifestyle
Number of Items
1 item
Up to 2 items
1 item


Take Beauty Quiz : Select your hair color, eye color, skin tone, product preferences, favorite brands, and more to customize products that are picked for your box.

Enjoy: Receive makeup and skincare must-haves selected just for you by Boxy, based on your beauty quiz responses.

Review to Earn: Review products you’ve received to earn Charms, which you can redeem for free beauty items.


BoxyCharm & BoxyCharm Premium: Choose 1 product in the box every month during the Choice window while supplies last.

Luxe: Choose 1 to 2 products in the box during the Choice window while supplies last. The number of products available to choose will differ every 3 months.
†Starting with your second box

BoxyCharm Lux Box


Exclusive Prices: Add on beauty and lifestyle products at member-exclusive prices every month during the Add-On period while supplies last.

Wide Variety: Add on as many different products as you like. When product inventory is extremely limited, the quantity of a single product may be limited to 1 to 3 per Charmer.

Free Shipping: Add-Ons ship free and separately from your Boxy.


Amazing Deals!!! Shop more beauty & lifestyle products at up to 80% off every 3 months while supplies last.

Wide Variety. Purchase as many different products as you like. When a product inventory is extremely limited, the quantity of a single product may be limited to 1 to 3 per Charmer.

Free Shipping. Enjoy free shipping in the contiguous U.S. when you spend more than $25 net of any promotional credits.


Earn: Earn Charm points for referring family and friends to BoxyCharm and for reviewing products received in your Boxy.

Redeem: Redeem Charm points for FREE beauty products while supplies last.

Free Shipping: Charm Room redemptions ship free and separately from your Boxy.

My Experience With BoxyCharm

Jane told me about BoxyCharm initially and all the amazing products she was getting from them at up to 80% off. Of course I was intrigued and also a bit jealous, so she sent me the link to check it out.

At first I was pretty skeptical: I mean were the products REALLY up to 80% off? Where they full size, awesome brands, not outdated, and of massive value?

I decided to give it a try and signed up. I figured for $25 a month, it was worth trying out.

My first box had mainly make-up, so I was a bit disappointing as I had wanted more skincare products. But, then my next box had awesome skincare products, so I was happy with that box (see above).

Then I had my first pop-up and couldn’t believe all the products for up to 80% off, crazy discounts on top quality, high-end cosmetics and skin care products. I ended up buying 3 more orders and over $1000 worth of products for only $300.

I was hooked.

Then, my boxes got lost in the mail and or were delayed. I emailed BoxyCharm right away and was surprised that I got a response the same day within a few hours. They sent me more tracking info for one of the boxes and then told me the other box was lost and the products I had ordered were now out of stock.

I was pissed AF!

Although they gave me a refund for the lost box, I was still not happy, and the other box they sent me tracking for was lost as well.

So, they sent me a replacement box for the other lost box, and then sent me another replacement box, and the one they refunded me for finally showed up in the mail.

I ended up getting 3 boxes for the price of 1. Pretty sweet!

Even though the customer service was amazing, I was still a bit pissed that they had lost my boxes in the first place, so I ended up quitting my subscription.

But then, they emailed me with a sweet deal (Free products + 10% off my order if I signed up again). So I did. And, I’m actually very glad I did and since then all my orders have shipped correctly and gotten to me on time. So, I’m figuring the mail fiasco was because of Christmas and the bad postal system loosing the mail and not BoxyCharm’s fault.

What I Love?

I love the products. I mean really! I would never be able to afford all these amazing products with out my BoxyCharm subscription. Not only that, but most the time I have no clue of what to buy for skincare and am often disappointed after a purchase at the drug store (bleck!). With BoxyCharm I can test products at less than half the price and I know the products are always top brands and quality items, so am rarely disappointed. I also live in the boonies, so to get top quality products from top brands is challenging unless I go shopping in the big city, or order online. With my subscription with BoxyCharm, I don’t have to worry, I can get top quality brands right to my door. And, if I get something not my style, I can trade it with Jane, or gift it to another friend, which is awesome.

I love the variety and being able to learn about new trending brands right away. From sexy make-up, to all natural skincare lines, curling irons and hair products, teeth whitening kit (see review coming soon!), to cute covid masks, jewelry, bath and body, make-up brushes, high-end razors and hair removal products, skincare mini-fridges, facial therapy devices and massagers, wipes, skin masks, sunglasses, sleep masks, ear buds, backpacks and cosmetic bags, candles, diffusers, scarves, mugs, pillow sets, herbal products, protein drinks and teas, vitamins, gifts boxes and and OMG, so much more. They have so much selection it is a bit overwhelming!

I especially LOVE the pop-ups and being able to buy products at 80% off, because that’s just amazing. Since starting BoxyCharm I am much more savvy about a wide variety of skin care products and now know which brands I love and can count on for being excellent quality. And, because I’m super picky about skincare products and have ultra sensitive skin, knowing the brands and quality behind the products as well as if they are holistic, use natural ingredients, cruelty-free and vegan, is also very important to me.

I haven’t tried any other subscription service yet, but we will be soon and I’ll be doing a comparison review of those… But, let me just say, BoxyCharm is well worth the price of the service. When comparing the amount of money I would have spent buying each item individually versus the cost of the BoxyCharm subscription box, it’s a no-brainer. Amazing DEALZ!


  • Full-size beauty items
  • Customization and add-ons
  • BoxyPopUp deals, rewards and giveaways
  • Great product value for the price
  • Top of the line, diverse, and rising products
  • Ability to cancel anytime
  • The choice for delivery schedule

Is BoxyCharm Worth It?

In a word, YES! I think I said enough above but consider: top high quality products, great selection & variety, up to 80% off, delivered straight to your door, learning about new products and experimenting with different looks.

Sign up to BoxyCharm Here!

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